Automatic Gearbox Flushing

“As new” feel – Smoother Gear Changes

– Eliminates Judder and Slip – Clears Sludge From £250 + VAT

This is an excerpt from the ZF gearbox Web site;

“Automatic ZF transmissions are filled with the specially developed ZF-LIFEGUARDFLUID transmission oil. At very high operating temperatures, the oil ages faster than under normal conditions.

Depending on the driving style (e.g. many drives at high speeds or sporty driving), ZF therefore recommends a transmission oil change every 100,000 km or after 8 years at the latest”.

Land Rover service schedules for many of their Automatic gearboxes show that the oil and filter is only replaced at 10 years or 150,000 miles

Draining an automatic gearbox and replacing the filter only removes approximately 40% of the oil, due to the oil which remains in the Torque Converter. This results in the fresh oil becoming contaminated as soon as the engine is started.

Flushing the gearbox utilises a capillary / heat action to force 99% of the old fluid from the system. A flushing agent is then introduced into the gearbox to remove deposits and debris. After this, the gearbox is filled with high quality fresh oil and where applicable, a conditioning agent is also added.

The vehicle is then road tested and the oil level is rechecked.